My Equipment

I think you can take outstanding pictures with every camera you have in your hands. I love it when the picture does not look super clean but very grainy as long as it communicates a feeling. This is why I often just use the smallest camera I have. 

Below is a list with Equipment I like to use. I don't own all these cameras but like to borrow them sometimes to get the shots I want.


*I linked the stuff I use. Those links are affiliate links. You know what that means. If you buy something on one of those linked sites I will get a small provision. You can read more about it in the so called 'Datenschutz'.


Sony a7 III

Sony 24-70mm 2,8

Sony 6500

Sigma 16mm 1,4


Fuji x100t


Canon 5D Mark III

(I had to look it up because I am constantly forgetting which model I was using)


For mobile photography I love using additional lenses by Moment Those lenses are pure glas and no cheap plastic lenses.

This is whit they are more expensive then other but - all pictures turn out great - regardless if it is the Fisheye Lens (which is my favorite) the wide angle lens or the tele lens. Sometimes it is annoying switching them but its worth it. Trust me.


GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Hero 4








I don't have a Mavic Pro yet but instead I have some racing drones which can realize shots a Mavic can't do. Its more like a hobby, but we will see what I will create with them.

Armatan - Rooster 5


Wizzard 220s - Unsinkable II 

I did not lost Unsinkable I but when it arrived and I plugged it in the first time we got some magic smoke and had a broken drone. Same problem with Unsinkable II but with some spare parts we somehow could manage to make it fly.